Choose an Energy-Efficient Lighting Option

Get outdoor LED lighting in Owensboro or Utica, KY

If you're looking for an effective, eco-friendly lighting choice, outdoor LED lighting is the best option available. With so many different colors available, you'll find something that is perfect for your property. Tranquility Lighting Design can install your outdoor LED lighting flawlessly in Owensboro or Utica, KY. We'll use the highest-quality products to light your property.

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Use LED lights in your home or business

You can rely on our team to help you pick the right color lights to match your home. You won't have to guess which brands to purchase or what types of colors to look for. After your indoor LED lighting installation, you'll notice:

  • Your lights last longer
  • Your lights don't give off much heat
  • Your lighting isn't as harsh

We can retrofit new bulbs for your current lamps. Call us today at 270-485-3371 if you need indoor LED lighting installation services.

LED Outdoor Lighting

It is pretty safe to say that LED lighting isn't a fad and is here to stay. Tranquility Lighting Design embraces this change with open arms and an open mind. We account for CCT (correlated color temperture) readings as well as CRI (color rendering index) values when selecting our LEDs. Let us sort through all the technical data and information in order to bring you the highest quality products that will complement your home and landscape for years to come.

LED Indoor Lighting

Are you looking to reduce your electrical costs and "Go Green" at your home or office? Have you walked down the light bulb isle in a box store lately and been befuddled by the wide selection of LED light bulbs? Tranquility Lighting Design offers a wide variety of LED retrofit lamps specific to your personal preferences and lighting situations. Don't waste your hard earned money on LED lamps only to find they are "that awful color" you hate. We will take ALL of the guess work out of cutting your energy costs and making your indoor and outdoor lighting systems highly efficient!

How how does CRI relate to color temperature?

It doesn't. When you purchase a LED bulb, you need to determine the color temperature of the bulb. This is a measurement of Kelvin. Typical ranges for LED is between (warm) 2700K and (cool) 6500K.Then you need to look at the CRI of the bulb. This determines the quality of the light source. There is no relationship or correlation between a specific color temperature and its CRI. It's self-determining of each other. Don't assume 5000K will automatically have a better CRI than 2700K because it is a whiter light.

What is a good CRI Score?

Light sources with a CRI of 85 to 90 are considered decent at color rendering. Light sources with a CRI of 90 or greater are excellent. For LED bulbs, the typical range of CRI options is b/w 70 and 98.Is 70 CRI bad? Absolutely not. It is flawlessly adequate to install 70 CRI lighting in various industrial applications. The light source, even at CRI 70, is greater than most traditional light sources it trades. Is 98 CRI great? Yes. But it comes at a cost. Higher Color Rendering Index LEDs are more exclusive. You will find high CRI LEDs in movie lights. This is to ensure that color accuracy of what is being filmed or viewed is as perfect as can be.